Sunbathing, golfing and Cabo fishing charters are three very common activities in Cabo San Lucas. Many vacationers and travel writers praise the local whale watching, as well as the rich ocean vistas and extreme desert landscapes. The Cabo nightlife is never dull, with famous cantinas and restaurants that are full of life. But, it’s the water activities that makes Cabo San Lucas the famous vacation spot that it is today. Travelers come to the great city to enjoy swimming with the dolphins, diving lessons sailing charters and fishing charters.

The nightlife is always entertaining, with several bars and clubs located in the downtown Cabo area.

  • After a day, the fun begins with casual restaurants and local bars which can be found on Marina Boulevard or with views of the marina. After midnight, they transform into dance clubs that are music rich and tequila-fueled. You’ll never have a problem finding a happy hour filled with live music and dancing crowds, or mariachi bands at a Mexican fiesta.
  • In Cabo, you’ll find yourself tossing your inhibitions to the skies because that’s what everyone else will be doing. You’ll find clubs rounding up Congo lines, with waiters walking around pouring tequila down the throats of dancers. Cabo is more than just a party scene. It has a curious sense of charm as well.


Cabo is a prime location for golf. It’s one of Mexico’s most prized golfing destinations. There is a line of courses all located along Hotel Corridor. The beautiful Cabo weather is consistently warm, and the magnificent greens make the golf playing experience unparalleled.

  • You’ll find that many of the courses offer great discounts for playing after 2 PM. This is a great time to play because it’s nice and sunny, and the play is usually faster.
  • Most of the best local courses can be found in Corridor. The original Cabos course, Mayan Resorts Golf, has few slopes or obstacles, with very wide fairways. This is one of the area’s best courses for warming up, or for beginners.


Cabo has many beaches for you to choose from. There are crowded beaches where vacationers play beach sports and other activities together. There are also secluded coves for a tranquil or romantic experience.

  • Just east of the downtown Cabo area, you’ll find the super-popular Medano Beach. It provides safe swimming and is one of the prime local party zones. Medano Beach offers beachside dining and drinks, horse rides, water sports and posh resorts.
  • There are so many water sports opportunities for you to enjoy in Cabo, such as jet skiing, diving, snorkeling. You can also rent a sailboat or take part in a Cabo fishing charter to enjoy the waters off Cabo. Cabo fishing charters offer the thrill of sports fishing while cruising the magnificent waves of the Cabo waters.