Find Wizard of Oz Costumes For All

Hop, skip, jump, wobble, but whatever you do, follow the yellow brick road! Soon you’ll find yourself transported to fantasy land created by author Frank L. Baum in his book “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” published in 1900. This tale of the young Dorothy Gale and her dream-like adventures features friends met along the way later and later inspired the 1939 musical-fantasy movie, “The Wizard of Oz”. Starring a youthful Judy Garland as Dorothy and bringing to life the Scarecrow, the Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion, this movie is considered a national institution and is often listed as the “most widely watched” and  one of the “top 10” movies of all time.

While this mega-hit movie may be new to a few (mostly youngsters), it is very nostalgic for everyone else across all generations. Regardless of your age, dressing up in Wizard of Oz costumes will make a blockbuster choice for your next Halloween party and you’ll definitely know you’re not in Kansas anymore in Wizard of Oz costumes! Aspiring actors and actresses in school productions or local theater will also appreciate well-made Wizard of Oz dress up costume for their portrayal of a favorite character.

There are many Wizard of Oz costumes based on Dorothy Gale, the protagonist of this beloved whirlwind of a story. These Dorothy Wizard of Oz costumes range the gamut from traditional, demure versions of her signature blue-and-white pinafore to sexy little numbers that put a naughty twist on this normally innocent character. Whichever style of Dorothy Wizard of Oz costumes you prefer, her outfit needs a brunette wig of pig tales or braids, a pair of magical ruby red slippers (in the book, they were actually silver), and a little wicker basket with a toy version of her dog “Toto. You can’t have to “over the rainbow look” for your Wizard of Oz costumes without these must-have accessories.

Other popular Wizard of Oz costumes are based on the endearing trio of misfits that Dorothy meets along the way to the Emerald City; Scarecrow Wizard of Oz costumes premised on the endearing character who wishes for a brain, Cowardly Lion Wizard of Oz costumes for the character who desires courage, and Tin Man Wizard of Oz costumes for the woodsman he longs for a heart. Quickly becoming confidants and close friends, this new gang sets out to find their missing qualities from the ”Great Oz” who is merely just a meek man hiding behind a curtain. Other memorable Wizard of Oz costumes include Glinda the Good Witch with her pink, frothy princess-like gown and the pint-sized people of Munchkin Land in their brightly colored Wizard of Oz costumes. If you are a villainous type, consider dressing as her royal green badness, the Wicked Witch of the West, or one of her henchmen-like flying monkeys – you’ll find Wizard of Oz costumes for all!

Wizard of Oz costumes are available in sizes and styles to fit the entire family including toddlers, children, adults and even the family pet! Enhance your Oz-tastic look with a few accoutrements from a wide array of props and accessories made especially for Wizard of Oz costumes; even a movie set costume director would become giddy! From straw stuffing for Scarecrow Wizard of Oz costumes and silver face-paint for Tin Man Wizard of Oz costumes to a medal of courage for Cowardly Lion Wizard of Oz costumes and ruby red slippers for Dorothy Wizard of Oz costumes, you’ll look as if you’ve come from somewhere far, far away — over the rainbow!