A Princess Jasmine Costume Is Sure To Make Your Princess Dreams Come True

An exotic beauty, Jasmine is the heroine of Disney’s 1992 animated movie “Aladdin”. This fictional princess has been one of girls’ favorite characters long before this time. The actual story is based on a centuries-old Arabic tale “One Thousand and One Arabian Nights”. As the story book tale goes, Aladdin is a poor and kindly boy who impersonates royalty with the help of a wish granting genie. Of course, the lovely Sultan’s daughter in her beautiful Princess Jasmine costume falls for the faux prince. As fate unfolds, Aladdin’s true identity is revealed, the Sultan is angered and yet Jasmine still longs for and finds her forbidden love.

Dress up in a beautiful Princess Jasmine costume is a lovely choice for a girl’s special birthday, a Halloween celebration or just to ensure she lives happily ever after. In sizes to fit the royalty of all ages from infants, toddlers and older children, there is a Princess Jasmine dress up costume for every aspiring Arabian beauty. A Princess Jasmine costume is also available for grown up girls who still have dreams of the royal life that haven’t faded. A Princess Jasmine costume is sure to make your dreams come true – or you’ll at least look lovely trying.

You will feel like you’re in “A Whole New World” when you show up at your event in a Princess Jasmine costume. Styled in the flowing and diaphanous designs common to the region, a Princess Jasmine costume replicates the beautiful silks, sheer chiffon and embroidery work that are an art from in the culture. A typical Princess Jasmine costume would feature a pair of harem-style pants designed with a brief layered with loose, transparent legs. The waistband of a Princess Jasmine costume typically features a yoke that is embellished with golden coins, embroidery or bejeweled baubles. A coordinating top with billowing sleeves and a short, front-tie styling is also a common look for a Princess Jasmine costume. Colors for Princess Jasmine costume may vary based on the exact outfit style and size, but a true Princess Jasmine costume is usually in colors of light lavender.

Accessories for a Princess Jasmine costume should feel exotic, as if they are for a far away land. A veil is a common part of outfits in the Middle Eastern culture and is usually worn with a Princess Jasmine costume. For a Princess Jasmine costume, the style should drape down in a flattering manner and frame the face. Delicate silk slippers or even ballet flats will make a fitting shoe selection with every Princess Jasmine costume. If you would like to add jewelry to your Princess Jasmine costume, bracelets, necklaces and belts adorned with coins or colorful beads would be ideal. For fun, create a couple’s costume by having a friend dress up as Aladdin to complement Elsa Princess dress up accessories. For props perfect for Princess Jasmine costume and straight from the storybook, bring along a golden oil lamp (to hopefully produce a magic genie) and a small “magic” carpet to take you on your way!